About Us

MerchanirX is the first Crypto-Commerce (eCommerce) platform in Africa to permit payment with an ERC20 token. Owned by NIRX Block Payment Systems Nigeria Limited (NairaX) formally incorporated in 2017 under RC-2903759, Merchanirx has backing and support from sponsors in Nigeria.

NIRX is the primary currency for completing transactions on Merchanirx: organically providing utility for our institutional cryptocurrency. An appreciable quantity of NIRX assets are managed and housed in the company’s reserves to serve as a digitally backed version of the Nigerian Naira (NGN).

Since 2017, teams with NairaX continuously worked towards the development of the most trustworthy Crypto-Commerce platform in Africa & on the entire globe. NairaX is now joining a list of most trusted cryptocurrencies globally used to securely complete payments for millions of business transactions through Merchanirx.

The partially decentralized nature of Merchanirx in addition to our employed AI-Escrow systems, makes it possible for us to handle security challenges which plagued conventional eCommerce for years ranging from risks of public exposure of customer data.

In addition to creating true demand for Crypto, our project is paving way for the general adoption of cryptocurrencies as a global form of payment via Crypto-Commerce