Setting up a Vendor OR Customer’s account on MerchanirX

Creating an account on MerchanirX presents the simplest interface you will ever have to deal with, whether you are a vendor OR a customer.

For eight (8) whole months, we are welcoming new vendors to take advantage of our free offer to sell on our stores commission-FREE as we continue to support new businesses and SMEs to expand & expose their wares to a larger consumer audience.

We have highlighted below the easy steps for registering for your FREE vendor account. Please pay attention to it carefully.

To avoid being scammed, please always make sure you are visiting our secure site as shown above.

Prospective & returning customers as well as vendors, can respectively register or sign-in from this account (My Account) page shown.

Logging in is a pretty simple process which ONLY requires the user to log in with the email and password used in creating their account.

To register OR sign-up for an account, its important to know what account you will be registering for and exactly how to get it set up.

Are you a Vendor OR a customer?

On MerchanirX, users can set up a Vendor OR Customer account on the my-account page. This guide will advise you on how to make the right selections when choosing to create your new account. Please see below for the details.

Types of Account

  1. Vendor Account: A Vendor account panel, will be enable to advertise and sell items on our ecommerce site, bringing the vendor closer to a whole new range of Nigerian customers.
  2. Customer Account: A Customer account panel however, will only be able to securely purchase items but will not be able to sell.

NOTE: Please note that Vendor accounts take at least six (6) hours to be verified by our team before the sell function on their user panel becomes enabled. This affords our company enough time to get acquainted with & verify the status of the vendor’s business.

Done Setting Up your account?

Now that you have set up your account, you will likely need a guide on interacting with your new account.

Upon signing in, vendors & customers respectively will be given a dedicated user account panel, where they can manage orders/addresses, customize their stores, list products & sell to millions of customers all over Nigeria.

Customers accounts are simply limited to managing completed orders, accounts and addresses. Vendor accounts however, can create a store, list products & sell to customers.

A vendor account will have a Vendor’s Dashboard (See Picture on the right), enabling the vendor to manage bank accounts, addresses and be able make withdrawals on sold items at MerchanirX.

Adding & Displaying a Vendor product to MerchanirX

In order for the vendor to add products which will display on MerchanirX, this will be done from the Vendor’s Dashboard (See Picture on the right).

From your Vendor dashboard, click “Products” and select “Add New Product” at the top right of the page.

Fill in the necessary information on this page and click “Create Product”. You are all set up & can now sell on MerchanirX.

Need more assistance? Please Contact Us

You can also contact our help line.
Phone: (+234) 816-211-5488
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