How to buy NIRX Cryptocurrency with Naira

What is NIRX?

NIRX is the first cryptocurrency developed as a payment coin in Nigerian eCommerce. NIRX is developed and Insured by NIRX BLOCK PAYMENT SYSTEMS (RC-2903759), Nigeria.

To fulfill payment for orders on MerchanirX, traders have three diverse payment options; where each offers entrepreneurs unique advantages. They are:

  1. NIRX (Cryptocurrency)
  2. Bank issued Debit cards (via Paystack) Or;
  3. By direct Bank transfer.

Out of these payment options, payment in NIRX attracts more profitable incentives. In order to tap into these unmatched incentives, the customer will need to buy NIRX with Cash & digitally store it in their wallets; either in a supported mobile wallet OR on-site via MetaMask.

How can you buy NIRX crypto?

Step 1. Firstly, visit NIRX Paystack Payment Portal.

Step 2. Fill in your Name, Email, Phone & the equivalent amount of NIRX to buy in Naira.

Step 3. Fill in your wallet address which you created from Metamask OR Trust Wallet. (See information on how to create a wallet address here)

Final Step

Step 4. Click PAY NOW & kindly wait within 15 minutes. Your NIRX is automatically credited to your submitted wallet address for interaction with MerchanirX via Metamask.

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