MerchanirX is launching from NairaX

Its been a quite auspicious year, despite meager challenges presented in form of the recent COVID19 pandemic & all. At NairaX, we have managed to maintain a consistent working spirit to deliver what was promised to our investors.

Here is introducing an initial stage roll-out from our treasure box of MVPs: MERCHANIRX:

MerchanirX is the first ultimate unique end-to-end solution for a global decentralized ecommerce market in Africa. Powering under a well developed blockchain infrastructure, we will deliver automated supply-chains to consumers. This means is that for prying on virgin grounds, MerchanirX has bagged its niche in a first-of-its-kind crypto-commerce ecosystem worldwide; exclusively utilizing our own cryptocurrency “NIRX” to process payments for both goods and services on its platform.

In currently dwindling global economies where FIAT currencies are now known for fading instability (ies) attributable to high inflationary conditions, it’s pertinent for business owners to leverage on more profitable options to maximize in-store earnings by holding cryptocurrency OR transacting with it. This alternative is furnished with numerous advantages bordering on minimizing transaction fees & preserving profits for entrepreneurs on our base.

One of our goals at MerchanirX is to deliver a one true globalized marketplace by providing truly decentralized payment options for completing order checkouts.

We can guarantee that our system will blow your mind with amazing results.

At MerchanirX, Customers/Vendors are usually not required to provide loads of personal information to signup. By running a partially decentralized system, very minimal bio-data is needed. Buyers get extremely secure anonymized payment options for fulfilling their completed orders. Namely:

  1. NIRX (Cryptocurrency)
  2. Debit cards payment (via Paystack) Or;
  3. Direct Bank transfer.

Payments completed with NIRX systematically invokes dual requests via MetaMask in two steps:

  • The first step sees that the deposit equivalent in NIRX goes through our payment gateway smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, and;
  • the final step enables the payer’s confirmed deposit pay for their specified orders with NIRX.

Prospective customers in Nigeria & beyond who want to fulfill payments in NIRX afford themselves close about -30% off on order prices which our company covers from crypto-trade spillovers. In addition to this super offer, MerchanirX is granting an 8 month rent free slot for companies who want to test our readily available retail/customer service.

This is big for Nigeria. Yet it is only the beginning.

Come experience MerchanirX.

Check it. Sign Up here NOW!

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